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Women's Short Sleeve

1. Cooling Performance Crew is a multi-sport and fitness top designed to keep athletes cool during any run or workout. Shirts are durable with moisture wicking, stain release, and odor resistant for easy care. 2. Dry Fit Tank Top relaxed fit. 3. Dry Fit Crop Top, stretch athletic Tee regular fit. **Prepaid orders only**

Men's Short Sleeve

1. Cooling Performance Crew is a multi-sport and fitness athletic cut performance top designed to keep athletes cool during any run or workout. Shirts are extremely durable with moisture wicking, stain release, resists snagging and odor resistant for easy care. 2. Performance tech poyester, relaxed fit **Prepaid orders only**

8 Week 5K Training Plan

This 8 week small group 5K Training Plan is for runners & walkers with a 5K pace goal range of 18mm (55 min) to 12mm (37 mins). Two days per week you run on your own from the training plan at a specific training pace and on Saturdays we run together with goals in mind, including speed work, to keep each person on 5K race target. Group a maximum of 5 people. Contact us In person, messenger or via email

Running Belt/Squeeze Water

Running belts can be cumbersome, but if you are like me, the water/hydration stops are just too far apart, so I travel with my own. Dehydration is real, use the belt or an easy squeeze bottle along the way as a supplement to the stops. While training they are both useful and versitle to suit the long or short run especially in the summer heat. This running belt holds the bibb, phone and fuel. The water bottles are held in place by an elastic bungee.

High Waist Running Shorts

Running shorts the most popular lengths are 5" and 9" but does vary from 2"-12". These shorts are stretchy, with less rolling on the leg and they have two side pockets, giving easy access to your phone or other items.

Shokz Bone Conduction

These headphones are open ear bluetooth bone conduction, that means you have nothing in your ear canal. They are not noise cancelling which is a good thing, as you need to stay alert when running. There are two types the Mini-Pro and Pro the former is slightly smaller for a closer fit.

ProCompression Sleeves

Calf sleeves are very popular, providing relief from tired calf muscles, and support to muscles, tendons, circulation and at some level aide with lower knee support. Many colors to choose from, so you can make your own statement.

Honey Stinger

On the go energy for run performance and recovery, these chews or waffles are the perfect little energizers, gluten free and choose caffeinated or not. For race day caffeinated is great if you need it or for "one of those days" you know, when the struggle is real.


Hydration is not just about water intake, you also need to replenish electrolytes. When we sweat we lose Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride and Potassium, those need to be replaced. We all know this! Portable is good, stash a packet for after a race to add to nice cold bottle of water, a perfect way to end the race.

Goodr Sunglasses

Florida sunshine, we have a lot of it! Not to mention those routes that have absolutely no shade, well very minimal shade. Let's face it the sun is much brighter in the summer, so definately always have one with you or in your car. There are many colors and styles to choose from, I dare you to get out of your comfort zone and be bold, it's okay, go ahead!


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