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Welcome to Wesley Chapel Runners Group. This group sprouted from an inquiry on a local FB community page, where a few people were looking for a group of like-minded individuals, to run or walk with. On November 1st, 2015 that same evening, a group of walkers and runners met at the Wesley Chapel District Park. It was an awesome outing, and yes, we took many pictures.

Since that date, there has been a meet up almost every Saturday morning. This group was formed so that people in our community would have a chance to meet up with other active individuals who want to walk, run, or bike, in a fun and social atmosphere. We want to motivate and inspire each other to reach goals, improve their overall fitness, manage their weight and maintain general health. There is a strong running and walking community here that expands from Wesley Chapel into the surrounding areas, so let's nurture it!

The group also encourages anyone who is looking for a "run buddy", to ask others to join them on a run, walk, or activity during the week. We welcome all levels and paces from beginner walkers and runners to experts with a lot of experience. We just want you to get moving. If you prefer to run by yourself, but like the encouragement of others, no problem, post a selfie of your activity. We are a great bunch, we love encouraging others, and you never know who may say "I can do that, or I want to get there . . ."

We look forward to meeting new running and walking friends, and we invite you to come to a meetup or participate in one of the public runs Join Us, Places to Run

Also if you are out and about and see any of our members don't be shy, just give a shout out and introduce yourself.

Here are a few places to share your run or walk activities: Facebook, Instagram, Strava. Tag us #wesleychapelrunners

Here's a little information about me. My name is Aliya Redwood. I have participated in numerous races including 1 mile, 5K, 8K, 10K, 13.1, Triathlon. All of these races I completed by Race walking. After 2015, I started running and used race walking to supplement my training. I do love a challenge ever so often, and participated in the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge (30.4 miles in two days). I have found 5K & 8K to be my favorite distances.

My family and I have lived in the Wesley Chapel area since 1982 and have seen enormous growth over the decades. After retiring from Chiropractic practice, (2017) I teamed up with my husband offering interactive online continuing education courses to Mediators and Attorneys.


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